The latest version of wxMaxima is 24.05.0. All files released so far are available from GitHub.

Download wxMaxima




Most distributions provide binaries for Maxima and wxMaxima in their repositories. Many (Debian based) Linux distributions by default install apturl which means that the wxMaxima version shipped with the current distribution can be installed by simply by clicking this link.


There is an AppImage build of Maxima, Gnuplot and wxMaxima. Just download the file, tell your operating system it is executable (
chmod +x filename
or similar) and start it.


A ppa is provided by István Blahota. It contains an up-to-date versions of both Maxima and wxMaxima.

Mac OS X

On macOS, the current version of Maxima is now supported by MacPorts, After installing macports the latest release of Maxima can be installed using the following command:

sudo port install maxima

The development version of Maxima can be installed using the following command instead:

sudo port install maxima-devel

Note: If you have already installed maxima-5.41.0, you must deactivate it with the next command before installing the development version:

sudo port deactivate maxima

wxMaxima can then be installed using the command

sudo port install wxmaxima


sudo port install wxmaxima-devel
Maxima and wxMaxima can also be installed using the brew package manager:
brew tap homebrew/science
brew install maxima
brew install wxmaxima

Additionally a nightly build of wxMaxima (without Maxima) can be downloaded from